Through much soul searching, prayers and meditation I finally found my purpose in life. I came across this unique technique in October 2011 that has brought joy and happiness in my life - Laughter Yoga.

 I had been participating in Laughter Yoga sessions from time to time in a Mumbai park approximately 7-10 years ago. I used to visit with my mother-in-law who was an active participant and was also crowned Laughter  Queen in 2002. Then I stumbled upon the idea of  Laughter Yoga on television in October 2011 by pure chance. After researching, I understood that there were no laughter clubs in Moscow,  Russia. I headed straight to Bangalore, India in  January 2012 to get enlightened by the Guru.

 I felt the need to inspire my friends, family, and people to live a more happy, joyful and healthy life!

 Laughter Yoga is about breathing and laughing exercises that make a person laugh without any reason or without comedy or jokes. Talking is not allowed in Laughter Yoga. It all started after a  scientific study that says the human body does not differentiate between a fake and a real laugh and in both cases we get the same health benefits.

 I believed it was a great project to bring to  Moscow since I felt Russian people did not laugh enough. The class involves some warm-up stretches and chanting, followed by a segment of mandatory laughter. "Fake it until you make it",  says Laughter Yoga’s slogan, and while participants initially feel silly, the contagious and remedial nature of laughter catches on to them.

Laughter Yoga helped me relax and be more positive. Especially when it was a  dark snowy day, a dose of laughter really cheered me up. This was the first time ever Moscow had started Laughter Yoga and I was surprised to see how receptive people in Moscow were to it.

Having moved to the Middle East Kuwait city in April 2014, I realized I was the only female Laughter Yoga teacher in this part of the world. I started organizing Laughter Yoga workshops and spreading this great tool. Also, it was a great opportunity for me to meet different people and make new friends in a completely new continent.

'One World Family' has been my understanding in life as I have had the opportunity to live in so many different continents and met so many different people from various cultures.
But it just feels like 'One Big Family'! journey continues and I'm now ready to explore this new glamorous and exotic city of the Middle East -'Dubai'.
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