Lets Laugh with Anju:
Anju created and hosted a TV broadcast of six half  hour episodes of Laughter Yoga  weekly on the Psychology Channel all over Russia and this was viewed by over 11,000 people all over the country.

1st lesson of LAUGHTER YOGA

2nd lesson of LAUGHTER YOGA

3rd lesson of LAUGHTER YOGA

4th lesson of LAUGHTER YOGA

5th lesson of LAUGHTER YOGA

6th lesson of LAUGHTER YOGA

World Laughter Day Celebration @ Moscow - Part 1

World Laughter Day Celebration @ Moscow - Part 2

World Laughter Day Celebration @ Moscow - Part 3

Laughter Yoga with Anju Shahani at REN TV channel 100% program

An interview with TV 3 Channel and Anju Shahani, the first Laughter Yoga Teacher/Leader in Russia

Laughter Yoga with Anju Shahani, first leader in Russia on TV3 channel 19_03_2013

Russia Today TV Channel Reports about WLD 2012 celebrations @ Moscow


Laughter Yoga in Park Art Muzeon on 23rd June 2013 was a super success


Singapore Laughter Yoga Therapy Experience with Laughter Guru

Laughter Yoga on the Phone with The Telephone Laughter Club, Lotte Mikkelsen and UnitedMind

Laughter Yoga Sweeping the World

Doctors recommend Laughter Yoga for Depression

Laughter Yoga at MD Anderson Cancer Center

Laughter Yoga : My Valentine On NBC

Laughter Yoga CNN Report

Laughter Yoga on Discovery Channel

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