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global conference in dubaiLaughter Yoga at the Global Leadership Conference in Dubai in March 2016 with the CEO's of the Young Presidents Organisation. It created a happy and energising mood before the workshop started and broke the ice between participants, everyone got deeply connected immediately through the session . It worked as a great connection exercise and was really simple and fun.

Laughter Therapy is an amazing team building exercise for companies before they kick off  a meeting or a perfect icebreaker during long and stressful meetings.

March 2016

global conference in dubai

global conference in dubai

Had a great opportunity on 1st feb 2016 on a cold crispy sunny morning to do a laughter session with a big group of 25 ladies in Kuwait. They usually gather every quarter and organize a morning with some learning and personal development.

They loved the laughter yoga exercises followed by the sun meditation that gave us the warmth in 5c cold weather, it was such a blessed moment even for me !

Most of them had heard about laughter yoga but had never ever tried it .

 February 2016









Everyone s mood changed after a few exercises!

Three cheers for the event organizers!

Iqbal Alali and Rahema Khan both professionals in Kuwait , very enthusiastic laughter yogis will  bring laughter and joy not only to their friends and families but all around their work environment and share this special technique as a stress buster in their workplace too.

January 2016

Had a lifetime experience hosting the 1st ever 2 day Laughter Yoga Workshop in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with 22 ladies, most of them being princesses from the Royal family. Really feel grateful to have such enriching opportunities around the world to share this fantastic tool which works like magic in minutes.

Being a Laughter yoga trainer since 2011, and having done workshops in Russia and now in the Middle East , in two completely opposite cultures and lifestyles, I have experienced laughter being the only emotion that releases all inhibitions even in such diverse cultures and connects you at a much deeper and spiritual level .

November 2015



Some Testimonials

Hello there, this is what I felt yesterday ..... First day i had a tummy ache after the laughing yoga , second day I felt weightless , less stress , very calm , sleepy , I had a peace of mind and more spiritual

Nouf Abdullah alsaud


The course was nice and fun..  I have learned a new and simple way to lift my mood and energy through laughter ...
Anju: you were wonderful and inspiring!!thank you very much 

Sarah Al Shubaily


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