LandMark Group

Dear Anju,

Just a note to say thank you very much for the laughter yoga session with our foodie team yesterday!
Im sure it was a great experience for everyone and it was so uplifting have a great laugh with the team.
You are so right, laughing and positivity are so uplifting and, I’m sure great for personal and team effectiveness and productivity.

I’m sure we will work together again soon!

Best Regards

Richard Barclay
CEO Foodmark,
11th floor,
Landmark Tower
Dubai Marina
P.O. Box 25030,
Dubai, UAE
A Division of Landmark Hospitality & Leisure Services Ltd.

22nd August 2019

The MBS Group

Anju did an incredible session with us at The MBS Group in August 2016. Whilst we are a small business, we don’t often make much time to step outside of the work environment and bond as a group. This was a different experience altogether which completely pushed us out of our comfort zones! As none of us had practiced laughter yoga before, let alone heard of it, some of us were sceptical of the concept and didn’t know what to expect initially.

I believe I speak on behalf of all of us by saying that we were so pleasantly surprised to see how engaged and open everyone was with each other during and after this session together. Anju’s positive energy was contagious - which helped us break the barriers very quickly and reap the benefits of the session.

Beyond that, Anju clearly explained the physical and psychological benefits it could bring to everyday life.
It was a great interactive afternoon for us overall and LY is something we would love to do again when we have the chance! A truly unique team bonding experience and I would recommend it to any business looking to do something a bit different.

Priyanka Shahani
The MBS Group
3 Primrose Mews
Off Sharpleshall Street
London NW1 8YW
tel: +44 (0)20 7449 6844
August 2016

Laughter Yoga Session with Ladies in Kuwait

Had a great opportunity on 1st feb 2016 on a cold crispy sunny morning to do a laughter session with a big group of 25 ladies in Kuwait. They usually gather every quarter and organize a morning with some learning and personal development.

They loved the laughter yoga exercises followed by the sun meditation that gave us the warmth in 5c cold weather, it was such a blessed moment even for me ! Most of them had heard about laughter yoga but had never ever tried it .

1st feb 2016


09 September 2015

Dear Ms. Anju Shahani,

On behalf of Radisson Blu Hotel - Kuwait I would like to thank you for conducting the "Laughter Yoga" class at the training that was orginized for our sister hotel colleagues.

The class was enlightening, ralaxing and thoroughly enjoyedby the participants. We are so grateful for tour contribution in this event.

I wish you all the best

Best Regards,

General Manager

Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa

Dear Anju Shahani,

On behalf of Jumeirah Messila Beach Hotel & Spa, we would like to thank you for organising an Energiser through the "Laughter Yoga" technique at the Event that was organised for our outlet Managers.

The activity was very energetic as it made our managers unwind their stress and stimulated their intellectual abilities. We appreciate the time and attention you have contributed for making this event more successful.

I wish you all the success in your journey of spreading this laugh to many more companies.

24 August 2015

Feedback from Basic Laughter Workshop in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

April 17th - April 19th 2015

My feeling about the course......
Happiness, peace and full of love energy and can't stop dancing I'm happy hamdila .. I would like to know and learn about this course more. 
Aljouhara Alsaud
I feel so different after this course, I go around the house singing and laughing.. I feel relaxed happy and more positive and eager to change my negative thoughts .. Thank u anju
Ola Alnaqeeb
An energizing course with motivated and inspiring ppl which will bring life back to your daily  routine
Latifah Alzammam
Hello there, this is what I felt yesterday ..... First day i had a tummy ache after the laughing yoga , second day I felt weightless , less stress , very calm , sleepy , I had a peace of mind and more spiritual.
Nouf Abdullah alsaud
I love my new experience, It changes something inside me, I feel joy, clear and peace. Thanks for this chance.
Muneerah AlSaif
The course was nice and fun..  I have learned a new and simple way to lift my mood and energy through laughter ... 
Anju: you were wonderful and inspiring!!thank you very much
Sarah Al Shubaily
The course was really fun and full of positive energy ..thanx alot 
Aljohara Ali Elsaleh
Thank you for a wonderful course, the energy in the group was amazing and i am very happy to have met you all
Abeer Abdulaziz Alkhowaiter

Catherine Oberemko

A very special and touching testimonial from a student who just certified as Laughter Leader in Moscow. She is now ready to share her experience and knowledge about Laughter Therapy as a Certified Laughter Leader. Read now . . . . .

Catherine Oberemko
Date : 15th November 2013

Andrew Martin, TV Presenter and Journalist at RT

I have filmed Anju and her wonderful classes for several tv shows. What energy, what joy and what an interesting thing to bring to a crazy capital! Laughter yoga should be legally prescribed to everyone! The success of the hobby really does reflect Anjus passion, knowledge and vitality! Bravo!

Andrew Martin

TV Presenter and Journalist at RT
Date : 18th March 2013

Zinchenko Alexandra, HeadHunter Russia

We decided to try a corporate training on laughter Yoga for the first time and it was very fresh, new and unusual! Laughter yoga really helps to cheer up and to distract from daily cares. Surprisingly, artificial laughter becomes sincere and fervent in seconds. Anju is a real expert and also a very pleasant and engaging person. Our colleagues liked combination of laughter exercises as well as special technics of breath and meditation. Many thanks to Anju for such an unusual experience! We wish her successes in aspiration to make the world more happy =)

Zinchenko Alexandra Manager of Internal Communications
21st November 2012

Testimonial from a Doctor [Chiropractor] whose patient is Anna Zakharova a student of Anju Shahani - Laughter Yoga Moscow

Patient Anna Z., 27 years old, diagnosis: severe compression syndrome of the lumbar spine and severe myatonic syndrome - underwent three courses of manual therapy within ten months. Positive dynamics observed : decreased pain and restored ability to stay in sitting position.

Manual therapy effectively copes with such kind of diseases, but in order to accelerate the process of recovery and to improve the quality of life one needs combined solutions, such as laughter yoga, which effectiveness was confirmed by the patient Anna Z.

Human body is a self-regulated system, which should be tuned to the processes of recovery. Example of the patient Anna Z. shows that laughter yoga stimulates positive changes in the body and way of thinking, reinforcing the results of medical treatment, provided the desire to be healthy.

By the way of changing emotional attitude to her state with help of laughter yoga, Anna Z. is significantly speeding up the process of her recovery.

Christopher Van Riet, Radius Russia Group

“Anju – On behalf of the team at Radius Group, I’d like to personally thank you for an exceptional experience. Our team has been working together very successfully in a collaborative corporate culture for many years. However, the 1 hour laughter yoga session you lead for us helped to further break-down barriers to communication amongst the men and women of different ages and cultures who form our team. Many thanks for bringing laughter yoga to Russia!

Best regards,
Christopher Van Riet “
Founder and Managing Director of Radius Russia, a real-estate development company
June 2012

Dmitry Agarunov, (Game) Land Company

First session of Laughter yoga took place in April in our company and we are very much proud of it!
We are short of laughter in our northern country.  The idea to laugh without reason turned out to be very useful.  We decided to begin educational session of our editors with Laughter yoga and were right - study began with something unexpected, unusual, joyful.
Laughter yoga appeared to be not difficult at all, exercises were very easy, we know each other for years, but joint laughter added knowledge about each other.

Dmitry Agarunov,
General director
(Game) Land Company
Ph.: +7.495.935.70.34 ext.220

Первая сессия Смехойоги прошла в апреле, в нашей компании и мы этим очень гордимся!
В нашей северной стране так не хватает смеха.
Сама идея того, что смеяться можно и нужно без причины была неожиданной и очень полезной.
Учебную сессию главных редакторов нашего издательства мы решили начать со Смехойоги и не пожалели - учеба началась с неожиданного, необычного, с радостного.
Смехойога оказалась несложным занятием, упражнения очень легкие, мы годами знаем друг друга, но подурачиться и посмеяться вместе - это добавило знаний друг о друге.

Дмитрий Агарунов,
Генеральный Директор
Компания (game)land
Тел.: +7.495.935.70.34 доб.220
Date : 31st May 2012

Chiara Pascarella, owner of the PR agency Dasiyes

Laughter yoga is something that everyone should try in Moscow!
This city is very stressful and my schedule is always tight, energy is never enough and going to the gym it seems to me an extra work. When Anju invited me the first time, I was sceptical but after 10 minutes of lesson I realized that I made a great choice going to Laughter yoga. As any businessman or woman, I have a public role to protect and sometimes this can be hard, thanks to the funny breathing exercises you have to do, you don't think about anything but laughing, you feel relaxed and your mood improve drastically. I'm advising all my clients to use it for their companies either during corporate and clients events or just as an HR tool. I can't wait for the next lesson.


Kind regards,
Chiara Pascarella,
Owner of the PR agency Dasiyes
Date : 25th May 2012

Kirill Liseyev, AkzoNobel Decorative Paints Russia

When I’ve done my first LY session with Anju, I decided immediately, that this is smth, which I want to do with my management team. We went through a lot of stress during last year in the business and I just thought, that everyone deserved this special experience. So I decided, that we will do 1 hour LY before our normal management team meeting.Refreshment, relaxation, excitement, fun, satisfaction – these are just few comments, which everybody made after the end of the session. This 1 hour helped to form a great start of the day, which turned out, as one of the most successful meetings, which I’ve done with my team. Definitely this day will be remembered due to LY experience!

Best regards,
Kirill Liseyev
General Manager
AkzoNobel Decorative Paints Russia
Date : 21st May 2012

Anna Zakharova

Good evening, Anju!

Anna Zakharova , a student of Laughter Yoga Moscow

Today’s lesson was great, and I had a new fabulous result - my relationship with my father got better because of my painting, laughing and making others laugh – your advice. My father and i began to understand each other after many years for the first time.

My name is Anna Zakharova. I was born in Moscow in 1985. Graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute in 2010. Shared Laughter Yoga with Anju Shahani in may 2012. My friend gave it to me as a gift “Anju's yoga lesson”. I was delighted and visited my second lesson at the rooftop of the Ritz Carlton hotel during the celebrations of World laughter day. I've being looking for spark to begin to paint for 15 years - so after my 2nd laughter yoga lesson with Anju - I started very easily. I've passed the hard trials in my life and as a result - I lost my health, got strong pain in my spine, I can't sit. So during the third laughter yoga lesson with Anju I was sitting for 20 minutes using meditation in ruling the pain. I saw and understood that laughter yoga can give anything you want - health, joy, happiness, show you the way to your purposes - the real results in life.

Many thanks to Anju as a great teacher in art of laughter yoga and life management and as a generous person, by giving part of her heart to people every lesson.

Yours respectfully

Anna Zakharova

(Letter from Anna Zakharova , a student of Laughter Yoga Moscow, 16th May 2012)

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