Member Spotlight: ANJU SHAHANI (spouse, Emirates Gold)


What was your first job?
Head of Human Resources at Sprandi Int’l Ltd. Sports and Outwear brand with over 100 retail stores across Russia and Eastern Europe.

What is your favourite insight / the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Just Say YES!

What is your dream job?
My own freelance business as a Life and Executive Coach which is currently in manifestation.

What do you like most in people?
I connect easily and like people who are authentic and fun.

What do you like most about yourself?
My energy, drive and passion when I want to achieve something,

What is something that would surprise people who don’t know you?
In 1995 I stumbled upon this exercise routine in a Mumbai Park called ‘Laughter Yoga’ where you laugh as an exercise but without reason. At that time I thought it was the weirdest thing I came across ever, fast forward now, since 2012 after certifying as a Laughter Yoga coach from the original master and having laughed globally with over thousands of people in my session including corporate clients, I must say that the joy and satisfaction I get when someone shares with me how it has impacted his/her life, it is beyond any success for me.

Where do you turn for inspiration?
Honestly I enjoy meditating and I generally come out charged up and clear in my intuitions from my deep meditations. Not all days are perfect but they help me in clarity, creativity and direction.

What is your favourite book?
‘Ikigai’ is by far my favourite book and I came across this book at the right time of my life. I feel I have finally found my Ikigai- a reason to jump out of bed each morning.

What is your favourite podcast?
Eckhart Tolle and Oprah “ A New Earth: Awakening to your life’s Purpose”
Where is your favourite travel destination for just you and your partner?
I have to share 2 favourite extreme destinations I enjoy with Dinesh. A week of skiing in Courchevel with lots of vin chaud and great food! And …. A week of silence at the Ayurveda centre in South India, deep meditation, nature, yoga and detox of the mind and body.

Active Professional: Who has been an influential person or program in your career?
My husband Dinesh has always encouraged and supported me in all what I want to pursue, from my retail fashion and jewellery business to my life coaching career.

What is one of the greatest challenges you’ve faced, and how did you manage to overcome it?
I was born in Mumbai, India and last 30 years since we married we moved several countries and continents. Hong Kong 12 yrs., Moscow (Russia) 12 yrs., and last 7 yrs. in the Middle East, Kuwait and now Dubai.

These changes were culturally not easy to adapt with but I turned all the challenges into opportunities. In fact I learned so much about myself, my people skills, my EQ and that is exactly what has helped me in what I really enjoy and finding my purpose in life.

I said YES especially with YPO in all the different countries we lived and accepted every leadership role within YPO which I am extremely grateful for today.

What is your favourite out of the box or timeless idea?
The moment I know I am not in my comfort zone, I embrace and bravely plunge deeper into the situation or issue and that’s where I come out of it easily and where actual growth and learning happens for me. My AHA moment!

What is a business strategy you swear by?
Being authentically connected with business partners and clients and maintaining a good rapport with them

What is your favourite trend or innovation?
Technology at your fingertips, the excitement of my upcoming business- Life/Executive Coaching or my Laughter Yoga training. It can all be executed globally on the digital platform like zoom etc. so easily.
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